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Added new category, and a new gallery

I was privileged to attend the wedding of my great-nephew Joshua Bundy to his high-school sweetheart, Lacy Wilkinson. The wedding was fraught with natural disasters, as it was to be held in Estes Park Colorado. However, that area of Colorado experienced “biblical” flooding rains of over 15 inches in the days before the wedding was to be held, and Estes Park and many other communities in the mountains were literally cut off by raging flood waters. At the last minute, an army of family and friends searched for a new venue to hold the ceremony, and finally found one (in competition with dozens of other desperate couples) in Larkspur, at the Spruce Mountain Ranch. Very beautiful location, easy to get to, and with only a minor glitch or two here and there, the ceremony was finally performed.

Here are a few of the scenes from the ceremony itself, I will be posting other galleries of family’s and friend’s photos from before and after the wedding, as well as a gallery of views of the venue.


Josh and Lacy’s Wedding