Photos of a rainy Japanese day, 2012

chiba-039Some of the pictures I took on my last day in Japan, in November 2012. With a few hours to kill before the flight back home, John and I figured we’d take a quick train ride to Chiba from Narita, to see whatever sights could be seen on a cold, rainy day. We did get to ride the Chiba Monorail, and at one end of the line they had the street blocked off for the Chiba Ekiden marathon, which was neat to see. Mostly, though, it was raining too much to get excited about anything, which basically matched my mood about coming back to the U.S.




At any rate, here’s the gallery of photos, enjoy!

Added Maryland Renaissance Festival photos

I’ve just uploaded photos to the Cosplay and Washington DC galleries, taken on the last day of the Maryland Renaissance Festival, which is traditionally “The Day of Wrong”. That’s the day when attendees dress in whatever costume suits their fancy, as long as it’s anything but traditional medieval clothes. Thus, you end up with people dressed as Jedi, as Iron Man, as anime characters, and others. The last day is usually the most crowded, with people going to see and be seen, as well as procrastinators who can’t wait any longer.

Check out the galleries, and enjoy!