Riding the Enoden pt. 4: Twilight surfing at Shichirigahama

shichirigahama-001After leaving Hase, I made my way further down the Enoden, bound for Enoshima Island, but along the way this small town caught my eye from the train, and I convinced my buddy John that this stop might be interesting. It turns out that the stop was Shichirigahama, which I had investigated months earlier on Google Maps street view. The real place is much nicer in reality than the pictures showed!



shichirigahama-039shichirigahama-053Shichirigahama is a small seaside tourist town, which has a lot of surfers, and a very nice beach facing south. Since it was still early November, it wasn’t very cold, so there were still people surfing and enjoying sitting on the beach even at sunset.




shichirigahama-082It’s such a picturesque place I found myself just taking picture after picture (after picture!), of the sun setting over the mountain, of Mount Fuji, of surfers, and just the waves.  Fortunately I’ve spared anyone reading this the boredom of seeing all 250+ pictures of the same thing (although there are still some dupes here!)

Enjoy the “Shichirigahama Surfin’ Safari”!  ^_^


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