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Riding the Enoden pt. 3: from Hase to Shichirigahama

[wzslider] Just a few shots of the Hase station, waiting for the next train, and a couple of pictures taken from inside the train on its way to the Shichirigahama station. Enjoy many more here!

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Riding the Enoden pt. 2: Kamakura

So, after riding the Enoden for a few minutes, it was time to get off at the station in Hase town, where the Great Buddha (Daibutsu) of Kamakura is situated. Like most of the towns along the Enoden, Hase is a tourist town, making the most of the local attraction. […]

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Riding on the Enoden, pt. 1

Here are some pictures of my day spent riding the Enoden train, a historic train line that runs from Kamakura to Fujisawa, with the main stop in the middle, at Enoshima Island. Enoshima has been a tourist spot since the days of the Shogun, and the Enoden gets its name […]

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